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Kumnit Kumar Organization (KKO) & KKO Brick Factories

(October 2023)

A pilot project was built in 2007 for children from the evicted families to be kept out of the streets and have access to a safe place to grow up in. Over the years, it became a daycare center belonging to Andong community that offers various services to the children including kindergarten, support class to facilitate the school attendance of children at risk (who cannot study at home), recreational activities, and regular health check.

Another project was started in 2021to help the families and children at the brick factories.  Many of the children don’t leave the compound and have difficulty attending school.  KKO provides basic medical/hygiene service to the families, mobile kindergarten education to children, and help legally register the children for school.

WCF’s funds is to be used for health education, hygiene products, as well as learning materials (books, bags, school uniforms, and toys) for the children in Andong community and the brick factories.

Girls Onside Football Cambodia

(October 2023)

Girls Onside Football Cambodia (GOFC) was established in 2022 as a community-based organization to remove all barriers for young girls 6-12 years in Cambodia who want to get involved in football.  The purpose is to promote gender equality in sports and to empower girls through football. 

WIG’s funding is to buy uniform (65) and footballs (50) for camps where new girls will join and to run weekly training (or ongoing and new girls = 15 sessions), trainers cost for foundational training for beginner coaches.


(September 2023)

IL NODO's mission is to empower children and young adults through high-quality education and vocational training, ensuring equal opportunities and nurturing a new generation of creative, motivated, and optimistic youth. They've been operating within Cambodian prison system since 2012, striving to enhance the living conditions of pregnant women and children accompanying their mothers behind bars, safeguarding their rights to nutrition, healthcare, birth registration, early childhood development, and education.

In 2023, IL NODO extended support to 80 infants aged 0 to 4, their mothers, and 30 pregnant women. Additionally, they run a playroom outside CC2, the female prison of Phnom Penh, where children aged 18 months and above can spend their days outside the prison cell under the care of professional staff. The funds provided by WIG are allocated to ensure food provision for as many children as possible and to facilitate monthly doctor visits for baby medical checkup and vaccinations in accordance with the national program.

Inclusive Cambodia

(July 2023)

Inclusive Cambodia is an organisation promoting disability and gender inclusive practices in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They have developed a range of services to empower disabled and disadvantaged children and their families to live with dignity and independence.

WIG’s funds is to build Koh Dach Island's first sensory room. A sensory room is a dedicated space that is designed to help an individual with sensory issues learn to regulate their emotions and reactions to certain stimuli.  The organization works with children with a variety of neuro-divergences and mobility difficulties, ranging from autism to cerebral palsy, and each experiences sensory stimuli in different ways. Sensory rooms allow children to relax and face a variety of stimuli in a way that will help them overcome their sensitivity to it and develop coping mechanisms when confronted with sensory experiences in their everyday lives.