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Kumnit Kumar Organization (KKO) & KKO Brick Factories

Kumnit Kumar Organization (KKO) & KKO Brick Factories

(October 2023)

A pilot project was built in 2007 for children from the evicted families to be kept out of the streets and have access to a safe place to grow up in. Over the years, it became a daycare center belonging to Andong community that offers various services to the children including kindergarten, support class to facilitate the school attendance of children at risk (who cannot study at home), recreational activities, and regular health check.

Another project was started in 2021to help the families and children at the brick factories.  Many of the children don’t leave the compound and have difficulty attending school.  KKO provides basic medical/hygiene service to the families, mobile kindergarten education to children, and help legally register the children for school.

WCF’s funds is to be used for health education, hygiene products, as well as learning materials (books, bags, school uniforms, and toys) for the children in Andong community and the brick factories.