A new special project sponsored by RMA Group of Cambodia

During our Community Fund visits to assess various projects seeking donations, which included Orphanages, Schools, Shelters and other such worthy causes.  It was recognised that these organisations rarely have a refuse/environmental awareness programs in effect. Often their facilities were littered with rubbish resulting in poor hygiene, which can also lead to illnesses that accompany such poor living conditions.  


So ... we decided to do something about this.

Namely, as a result of what we saw, our WCF funding approval now includes a requirement that any organisation requesting funding from WIG, must have in place a refuse/anti-littering plan and, where they do not, WIG will aid them by providing educational aids and tools to help these organisation develop such a program to educate their staff and, importantly, their students and children on the dangers of littering.

We do this by providing:

+  Large bins bearing our sponsor, RMA Group’s name & logo

+  Signage prominently displayed to remind everyone not to

    throw rubbish on the floor

+  Educational guidelines for the use of teachers and staff to educate on the proper and safe refuse disposal methods

+  Introductions to local plastic recycling businesses

+  Rewards such as Book donations to those organisations that maintain compliance

For any organisation that would like to benefit from our assistance, and that of our sponsor RMA Group, in the area of improving hygiene and improved living conditions for their facilities and, their environment; then please contact us.  We would be please to share the educational materials we have developed with you so that we can actively work with you to help improve the lives of your students, and your own communities.