Regardless of all of the other weekly, monthly and ad-hoc activities that we organise, there is one event that holds special place. Our Weekly Chatterbox Coffee Morning!

Held at Java Cafe' - #56 Sihanouk Boulevard, Phnom Penh. The closest landmark being 'Independence Monument' roundabout. Sihanouk Boulevard runs off of this and Java Cafe is circa 100 yards or so down from the monument.

We meet between 9:30 and 11:30 every Thursday so please come along and meet some of our members.    


The Chatterbox Coffee Morning is generally a fairly 'busy' affair. It gives many of our members a chance to catch up and discuss life in Phnom Penh in general, the latest happenings in the city and, also, up & coming WIG events.

It is also where we often plan the next steps in our Community Fund activities, organising the road trips and other things necessary to validate the applicants.

One other crucial activity at this meeting is the chance to meet new members, introduce them to our ladies and, find out what, if anything they'd like to be involved with.